Werk It! Wednesday – Life Lessons

Werk It! Wednesday – Life Lessons


Don’t you just hate it when you’re promised all of this great stuff and the person promising you stuff doesn’t follow through?

Yeah, me too. Sorry about that.

Today’s posting is less about the tips and tricks to help you out in the here and now, and more about big-picture philosophies that will not only help you in your money matters but across the board.

But first…

Since I’ve been gone

I shouldn’t really be making excuses, but since we last saw each other, I got derailed by a pretty nasty stomach bug which knocked me on my behind. This space was not the only item that has been neglected in its wake.

The lesson that can be applied here: like I often do, I jumped in feet first, posting at a breakneck speed, and when I had even the littlest amount of timel constraints crushing against me, this was the easiest thing to put on the backburner. 

I can’t promise that it won’t happen again, but I can tell you that I reall miss writing here when I can’t carve out the time to share something.
I’m attempting to be more organized about this rather than fly by the seat of my pants, so there is that.

Bonus material…

And now, what you have all been waiting for!

Unlike my darling husband, who has known what he has wanted to do (despite the roadblocks to get there) I kind of fell into my career.

It started with a co-op placement in high school. Student summer jobs, part time work through a placement agency. I am bilingual, I’m organized… It’s a safe option that allowed me to build my life and support my family.

But I don’t think I ever woke up one day with the dream of being someone’s assistant.

And while I have worked in super interesting groups, I’m growing more and more convinced that this is not the type of work I should be pursuing.

I had an interview last week. It would have increased my pay minimally. I would have slightly more responsibility, too. And the lady I would have worked for seemed really nice. But as she was describing the job, I could feel my stomach sinking. Not that what she was describing was out of the norm for my classification, but it just seemed so dry and unappealing. I didn’t want to waste anyone’s time, so I turned her down when she offered me the job. 

I know this goes against traditional wisdom to try to increase your income where you can, but you spend 40hrs/week at work. They should be happy and fulfilling. If your intuition is trying to tell you that this is not a right fit, it’s something you have to consider.

I had another interview today. It actually threw me for a loop because some of the questions actually pertained specifically to me, where I came from, and what I’d like to get out of the experience there.

Let me just take a moment to appreciate how huge this was for me, even if I don’t get the job.

I have had weird work situations in the past, one of them downright abusive. Even when things were a-ok, no one had a lot of time to really nurture a mentorship or even get me started on the right path for my career, in line with my interests. People in my line of work sort of just progress linearly. And clearly, while I am qualified to continue on this path, I’m worried that I’ll keep having experiences like my interview from last week.

But here… Like they seemed to care where you come from as an individual and where you’re headed and how they could help you get there…

I’d just be happy to be pointed in the right direction!

So while this opportunity isn’t a promotion, the work will allow me to acquire skills and experience to hopefully springboard into the trajectory that had eluded me all these years, all the while giving me somrthing good to sink my teeth into.

And that, my friends, is priceless.

(I’m really hoping it pans out…)

Bottom Line

It’a super easy to get lost in the nitty-gritty of dollars and cents, but you have to take a lpok at the big picture, too. Just bevause something seems to be the right option doesn’t necessarily make it so.

I want to hear from you!

So this was my first Werk It!-type post.
I’d like to know what people want to read about. I’ve been with the Feds for 8 years and while I can’t really talk about specifics, I can talk about processes. Is there anything that you are just dying to learn about? Drop me a comment ๐Ÿ™‚

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3 thoughts on “Werk It! Wednesday – Life Lessons

  1. I love this post! It’s so important to live your job. I couldn’t make a crazy amount of money doing some other job (I currently make about $2 an hour after expenses – at least on paper) but I truly love my daycare life. I look forward to Mondays!

    Fingers crossed you
    A – get that job and
    B – give yourself some grace – it’s ok to slack off sometimes ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. It’s super important – I have gone and declined a few options that would have given me a miniscule bump in salary but would have made me really sad. And given that I am still recovering (I know, still!) from that last bad place, having a nice healthy work environment is of primordial importance!

    And I’m about to update about that job….

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