Week 1 Status Report

Week 1 Status Report

If I have been making myself scarce, it’s not due to lack of will but rather a lack of energy. Our littlest, Rosebud, has been demanding 3:00 AM parties for the past week or so. But you, dear readers, are always on my mind.

Happy One-Week Bloggiversary!

So it’s been one week since I got going with this thing and my head is swimming with all of the information I’ve been taking in.

I obviously have not made any income from the blog, but the more I read, the more confident I get that it will come in time if I stay the course.

Next Steps

  1. I will need to grow my readership if I have any hope of making this thing work, that much is clear. I love the attention and the love and the interaction that my friends and family have shown, but I will need to go bigger if I want this experiment to work. Part of this will be to work on my SEO skills to make my posts more searchable. Thankfully I’ve been in touch with a marketing guru (she’s on retainer!) to help me with this aspect of things.
  2. I will need to set up my sources of revenue. According to the literature I have been consulting, this includes advertising, affiliate links, and sponsorship. I’m not interested at this point in doing an e-course or an e-book. This may change down the road but for the time being, let’s just take it one step at a time.

So far, in addition to my hosting fees (approx $144 for the year) I’ve downloaded a highly recommended e-Book ($25 CDN, it was about $17USD). So the expenses are not exorbitant. I’m also working on getting a graphic designer to help me with branding.

Total expenditures $169 so far.

It’s been a week, and I’m pretty sure this type of endeavour takes time.

Other reflections about blogging

In other iterations of my blogs, I’ve either had to lock it down because it was more of a stream-of-consciousness diary (and nobody needs to read that!) or I lacked focus, so sitting down to write was a chore and I ended up giving up rather quickly or going dark for days, weeks, months.

Now that I have my motivation (just like back in my Theatre days!), I’m bursting at the seams with all kinds of ideas to write about, and really need to discern which one comes first and think things through. It’s cathartic, it’s scratching my creative itch (that has gone ignored way too long) and it’s flexing my writing muscles. I was also concerned about putting myself out there, that people would think I’m silly, or not credible. But if I can help one person with my story and struggles, the feeling I get from it is incomparable and I can’t get that if I don’t venture out of my comfort zone.

While I retreated into my cocoon in 2016, 2017 is all about challenging my comfort zones, and if nothing else, even if this project crashes and burns miserably, I’ll be happy to have tried it and to have grown from it.

There’s another aspect that I really enjoy, and that’s the interaction with other people. I feel like money is a taboo subject these days, or it’s impolite to talk about. But that’s EXACTLY how some of us get into our scrapes! I know I don’t have all of the answers, but I am pretty sure I know how to find them! I’m super jazzed thinking about all of the conversations that we will undoubtedly have in the coming days.

Up next

  • I have sent my questions to my first interviewee! She’ll be talking about her successful blog, and I look forward to sharing her story with you.
  • Last time around, we talked about how to build a bulletproof budget. So if your income is greater than your expenses, you’re doing well! If you find that you’re cutting it rather close, I’ll be looking at ways to cut down your expenses.

À la prochaine!

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