Velkommen! Bienvenidos! Aloha!

Velkommen! Bienvenidos! Aloha!

Welcome to Living on a Prayer Blog! I’m your host, Mrs. Green Acres. There’s a story behind that, and I know I will get to it soon.

Before I get too far down the rabbit hole of customizing this place to my liking, I figured I’d let you know a little bit about what this site is all about.

Who’s running this joint?

That would be me, Julie. I’m a thirtysomething wife, and mama to three kiddos. I work for The Man, just like a good percentage of my neighbours in Canada’s Capital. I’m an almost-there Aquafitness instructor and I am a maniac in the pool. I don’t know if there’s any word to describe how I feel about music: I live and breathe it. I am always one millisecond away from breaking out into song or dancing. The troublesome part is finding song lyrics in everything that people say; I turn into a jukebox… with no off switch. I grew up on a healthy diet of oldies (courtesy of my dad), 80s (thanks to the radio station where I grew up) and country (that one I figured out on my own). I love plays on words, as my Facebook friends can attest, with all of the puns that I share.

What is “Living on a Prayer?”

Aside from being an iconic Bon Jovi tune, Living on a Prayer has many facets, in my eyes. Among them:

  • It’s a reality show: and you guys are getting in on the ground floor. For a bunch of reasons, some of them our fault and others completely out of our control, we are on the edge of a financial precipice. My goal is to keep us from falling off that cliff and to move us towards a steadier financial state. But more on that later.
  • It’s a bit of an experiment: during my research to try to improve our lot, I couldn’t even begin to tell you the amount of people who have said they have blogged their way out of uncertainty. Well, folks, I’m super curious about this and I want to see how easy or difficult it really is. This is the more meta aspect of LoaP.
  • It’s a journey: I’ve been feeling like I have been spinning my wheels, career-wise, so this will be a good platform for me to talk it through.
  • It’s a resource: I want LoaP to become a place where I can share tips and tricks about finances, budgeting, careers, jobs and interviews, and share what I learn along the way.
  • Finally, I want LoaP to become a platform to share stories. I feel like I am surrounded by people that are doing amazing things or that have extremely helpful and relevant information to share, and I want to shine a spotlight on them.

Why Living on a Prayer?

Given my above-noted love for 80s music, my precarious situation, and my Catholic faith, it all seems appropriate.

Be thankful; you almost ended up with Gopher Baroque.

On April 5th, “Go for Broke” Day, Sandra Boynton challenged us to “Interpret that however [we] will.” Challenge accepted.
Which, oddly enough, I decided against because there was already a classical ensemble with that name.


I think to start, I will just try to write whatever is weighing on my mind and on my heart. Once that’s done, what I was thinking in terms of schedule is this:

  • Miscellaneous Mondays or Money Mondays (I might move one of the other to mardi instead.
  • Werk it! Wednesdays, to talk about jobs and careers and all that jazz
  • French Fridays, to either post en français, or to bring up issues of interests to francophones and francophiles.

Where else can we find you?

For now, here is where it’s at. A Facebook page has been set up for the blog but it’s still in its infancy. I will share in due time.

Thanks for sticking with me, enjoy the ride and we’ll see you soon!

Baby and I had a rockin’ dance party to this while we were waiting for the DNS to propagate.

Take my hand, we’ll make it, I swear!

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