Money Monday – And a little mish-mash of other stuff too!

Money Monday – And a little mish-mash of other stuff too!

Hey guys! It’s the last day of July, so it must be the middle of the summer!

You can’t blame me for taking the time to enjoy the nice weather while we have it, right? Summer is so short around these parts, and this has been a beautiful summer, without the usual suffocating humidity.

Before we get down to it, allow me to share with you one of the summer’s hottest tunes!

Status Update

I figure I owe you guys a bit of an explanation of where things are at:

  • In terms of our financial situation, my big fear, that I would not get paid for a whole pay period while I transitioned from maternity leave to regular pay? It didn’t come to pass. In fact, I probably had the smoothest transition I could hope for given that Phoenix still has not been tamed. Given that I am back at work now, I was able to audit all of my pay stubs from the time I first started having issues, and it looks like work owes me, including a whole pay period in 2015 that was not at all accounted for! My plan is to wait for things to calm down a bit because a number of people are worse off than I am, and I don’t want to rock the boat with my pay when things are going so well.
  • I was also concerned with hubby not teaching for the summer and what that would mean for the budget. A few developments there:
    • On Canada Day, hubby was approached to teach summer school. English for “Reach Ahead” kids (meaning kids who wanted to get English out of the way to focus on other courses for their transcripts). He got to plan his own lessons and manage his own classroom (which he doesn’t get to do as a supply, so that’s important experience!), and he got to work closely with a principal and a couple of vice-principals in the area. Between this experience, and the fact that we befriended, through him coaching our kids’ tee-ball, a couple of teachers currently employed by the board who are giving him a lot of advice and encouragement, I’m super hopeful that the next steps for his career are closer than ever! The financial aspect doesn’t hurt either, let’s not kid ourselves. While we had to spend a portion for daycare for the baby, and summer camp for the older two, I feel it was worth it all around. This has proven that the baby is ready to go into care full time come the fall, and the kids had a blast socializing with a bunch of kids at the Y. (I can not say enough good things about our neighbourhood YMCA!)
    • He also went back to his part-time job at the gas station. He’s not jazzed about it, and we do miss having him home, but it’s only a couple of nights a week, and it will certainly help pad the margin of error on our budget once we start having to pay for daycare again.
  • In terms of the pesky d-word, I was able to knock out one of our credit cards (using the Snowball Method by Dave Ramsey) and we’re attacking the next big goal. Things are going well on that front too.
  • We are not stopping our savings either. I’m building up a bunch of savings funds:
    • our daycare fund, to help supplement if some weeks are leaner than others so that I can cover daycare fees;
    • our Christmas fund, so that we can buy our presents and decorations outright and not have to rely on credit;
    • our “sunken costs” fund. We already have an emergency fund, but this is more for things that we have to pay periodically, like bills for our heating oil and property taxes;
    • our “education fund”: this is more for hubby to continue taking his French classes, and for Additional Qualifications to keep him competitive against other prospective teachers; and
    • our Disney fund. Last November, my folks announced that they wanted to rent a house for us to spend Christmas 2018 at Walt Disney World. I’ve already got $2k saved up! I never would have thought that was possible even a year ago.
    • We used to throw money into the RRSPs, but I am waiting for us to get onto a better financial footing so that we can really go to town on that. I know that I am losing out on the compound interest, but I think working at getting rid of the albatross of debt is more important.
  • My contract at work has finally been settled, and I can expect a certain amount of back pay sometime before Remembrance Day.

So for someone who had such a gloomy outlook, things are looking pretty awesome from where I am standing! We do have some expenses coming up, with our annual trip to the cottage and back to school, but I am confident we can manage the expenses within our current budget. And that’s a huge, huge weight off my shoulders.

Blog Status Update

It’s not really fair to call this an update since I have been so sporadic about it and none of my grand ideas have materialized.

I did promise a good six months of effort. And I am not backing down from that promise. Let’s see where this goes 🙂

I also tried to make this blog a little prettier and that failed miserably. So it’s not like I am not trying, hehe.

Sneak Peek

Wednesdays are Work It! Wednesdays around here, and I’ll let you know how that opportunity turned out. Spoiler alert: I didn’t take it.

But let’s not give it all away just yet.


À la prochaine 🙂

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