Miscellaneous Monday!

Miscellaneous Monday!

And we’re back!

So we need to talk about bank fees. You see, after I wrote about bank fees early Saturday morning, I mentioned it to my folks. As it turns out, Big Poppa does not pay bank fees, and neither does my brother.

And so I investigated.

Behold! These are the current banking options offered by my bank.

So I called in this morning and spoke to Katie. We went through my transactions and agreed that I would probably be better off lowering my package because I do not use many of the benefits (refund on the fee for the rewards credit card, extra cheques, and bank drafts.) Furthermore, because they had changed their policies with regards to the multi-product rebate, and I no longer need to have an active mortgage to qualify, I too can have the multi-product rebate! So while it isn’t free, I’m saving $10/month, or $120/year!

We did talk about the free option, but I would have to radically change the way I bank in order to keep my transactions within the limit. Maybe someday, but in the meantime, baby steps are good too!

It pays to go back and really evaluate where you spend your money. 

Next up: tips and tricks to save money on my grocery bill, and hopefully we’ll have one of the interviews up later this week!

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