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Before you get all worried, we’re fine. We’re just hurting for people not even five minutes away who lost everything. This is the scene about ten minutes away that we drive past to get to the Y for my Aquafit and the kids’ activities.

12 hrs of working in a flood zone today.

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I’ve been quiet because I’ve been digesting the events of the past few days, and I kind of feel guilty talking about personal finance while others suffer so much. The discrepancy between the response of the two jurisdictions, one volunteer-led and the other, led by the city, has shaken a lot of things that I thought I believed about the role of government and the ability of community to care for one another.

I’ve seen the best of what humanity can offer (which strangely enough made me homesick for the town where I grew up) but also the worst, in people questioning why people live near the river, or if they could afford to own such large houses, they should be able to pay their way out of trouble. It’s so antithetical to what I believe in that it was hard to take in. If someone needs your help, shouldn’t you do what you can to help them?

The water is rising

So I only have about a month left of my maternity leave, so another three pay periods or so before the Great Unknown. I have a little bit of savings, but I have little faith in the Phoenix system. We also don’t know what the plan is for Daddy Bear to cover his income this summer.

We need to batten down the hatches soon.

Coming up soon!

I have received the responses to one of my profiles (yay!) and I will be preparing that for your reading pleasure shortly.

I’m glad I finally broke that seal of silence. See you soon!

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